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The Influencers

The Influencers is an atypical festival devoted to non-conventional art and communication guerrilla. Since 2004 The Influencers has been an opportunity for extra-disciplinary research, discovery, and debate about inventions and adventures in the troubled waters where information society, everyday technology, and fragments of collective imagination mix and clash with each other. The purpose of the project is to show examples of practical intervention at the intersection of media and collective imagination, such as myth-making, contemporary grassroots adventures, new forms of political activism, digitally networked subcultures.

The Electronic Disturbance Theater

The Electronic Disturbance Theater 1.0 (EDT) group (Ricardo Dominguez, Brett Stalbaum, Stefan Wray, and Carmin Karasic) developed Virtual-Sit-In technologies in 1998 in solidarity with the Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico. Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0 (Brett Stalbaum, Micha Cardenas, Amy Sara Carroll, and Elle Mehrmand) developed the Transborder Immigrant Tool (a GPS cellphone safety net tool for crossing the Mexico–U.S border which won the Transnational Communities Award in 2008, an award funded by Cultural Contact, Endowment for Culture Mexico–U.S. and handed out by the U.S.

Office for Anti-Propaganda

Office for Anti-Propaganda was founded by Marina Naprushkina in 2007. Office for Anti-Propaganda operates in the spheres of art and politics. The “Office” participates in and organizes political actions, publishes newspapers Convincing victory in 2011 and Self#governing in 2011–2012, which are distributed in Belarus and throughout the world.

Colectivo Etcétera

Etcétera... Needs no definition... Just imagine what comes after... Etcétera... is the word that shatters language. Etcétera... closes and opens all speech. Etcétera... is in every language. As such, it’s an ally anywhere in the world. Etcétera... is the present. Its members are without number. Etcétera... is singular and plural, feminine and masculine. Etcétera... adds, subtracts, divides, and multiplies.


Our goals could be listed as:
• Reflecting on trash, waste, and reuse in all its formats and possible meanings
• Creating new points of views on consumption, garbage, the city, and contemporary urban life
• Promoting new possible attitudes and livelihoods through culture
• Helping other initiatives working on these issues and others that are similar
• Promoting networks of agents who usually remain apart in order to promote unexpected situations and reactions that are often very fruitful
• Participating in the global movements, places, and proposals of urban revitalization with bottom-up processes
• Promoting collective work and free culture – cooperation instead of competition


Actipedia is an open-access, user-generated database of creative activism. It’s a place to read about, comment upon, and share experiences and examples of how activists and artists are using creative tactics and strategies to challenge power structures and offer visions of a better society. Actipedia draws case studies from everywhere: original submissions, reprinted news articles, snippets of action reports. We think that by learning from each other we can learn how to better change the world. Join us! Actipedia is a joint project of the Center for Artistic Activism and the Yes Lab.