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Resistance Movement named after Petr Alexeev (DSPA)

The politically radical left-wing activist group DSPA (Resistance Movement named after Petr Alexeev) – one of the first revolutionaries of the workers’ movement in Russia – was initiated by journalist and political activist Dmitrij Žvanija in Saint Petersburg in 2004. Until it disbanded voluntarily on October 21, 2012, it was also active in other Russian cities. In their first appearance on the scene, the DSPA protested against the organized participation of Vladimir Putin’s party United Russia in the demonstration marking the international workers’ day on May 1, 2004 with a banner that stated “There is only one solution – resistance” and with leaflets and Bengal lights.

Arab Spring

The phenomenon known in German-speaking countries as the “Arab Spring,” and in Anglophone countries also as “Arabellion,” refers to the period of mass uprisings, demonstrations, and revolutions, which began in 2010 in the Arab countries of the Middle East and the Maghreb. These national uprisings, which received much media attention, were primarily directed against the existing autocratic and dictatorial regimes and frequently resulted in violent riots.