volXtheaterkarawane [publiXtheatre caravan]

In 2001, the volXtheaterkarawane was founded as a travelling project by members of the volXtheater XX Favoriten theater troupe and activists of the Platform for a World Without Racism; it existed as a project critiquing globalization until 2011. The goal was to raise awareness of the problematic immigration laws in Europe, the subliminal racism and sexism in the democratic countries, and the increasing state-run surveillance and control of citizens. With the support of different helpers and cooperation partners, from 2001 to 2006 the volXtheaterkarawane organized three large campaigns – NOBorder, NONation (2001), noborderZONE (2003), and noborderLAB (2004) – in the form of trips lasting several days to central locations of political events. The activities at each of the locations ranged from participating in demonstrations and work camps to artistic interventions and the occupation of public spaces. For example, during the NOBorder tour 2001, the volXtheaterkarawane organized a demonstration in front of an immigration removal center in Ljubljana, participated in protests against the G8 Summit in Genoa, and organized a street party and a performance in Salzburg because of the World Economic Forum. The action forms, which comprised masquerades, role-play, and the creative use of video, radio, and the Internet, were frequently understood as provocations, and thus resulted in various lawsuits and trials.