SOSka group

SOSka group, Untitled from the Distance series, c-print, 2011

Social and political issues are the main themes of SOSka projects that often place the group in between artistic and activist gestures. At the center of SOSka’s work there is a statement that the processes and problems of the contemporary art system are strongly connected with social environment and political context. SOSka explores problems of the binary nature of neoliberalism taking the example of relations between society and art: poverty of the people and the commercialization of art objects; street protests and the attractiveness of contemporary art exhibitions. The SOSka group was established in October 2005 in Kharkiv – the city that still cherished the memory of those bygone days, when it was the capital of the Ukrainian Socialist Republic, and took a special pride in its artistic traditions which reached back to the cultural avant-garde and political utopian period of the 1920s. The SOSka group creates performances, does research work, and participates in exhibitions as well as running curatorial and activist activities in self-organization. From 2005 to the present the group runs the SOSka gallery-lab – an artist-run space and independent culture platform that functions on D.I.Y. principles of the art community in Kharkiv. Art and lifestyle of SOSka builds forms of existence based on principles of self-organization and friendship – an alternative to forced communication, imposed upon the artist by the contemporary neoliberal system.