We will R.E.P. you, Kiev, 2005

When the R.E.P. group was founded in 2004, all of its members had already developed an artistic personality of their own. And they have continued in the same line ever since. Yet in all these years the artists have also engaged in collective art practices, thus maintaining their small art community. The political events of the Orange Revolution proved a key element in the group’s establishment. The first collective actions of the R.E.P. group took place in the crowd of protesters in the Kiev Maidan square: it was the unanimity of broad masses of society struggling for a common political cause that brought these Ukrainian artists to work together. Another reason for maintaining the group, which still counts today, is the weak infrastructure of the Kiev art scene. Lacking an extensive institutional network intended to support experimental art, artists form associations that substitute for nonexistent institutions. This development is typical not only for the Kiev art community, but for the whole Post-Soviet space, and many other peripheral countries. In keeping with the wide and diverse social background of the R.E.P. group, the artists have chosen not only to “practice collectivity, but also thematize it.” Since 2007 they have been involving other groups in joint projects, presenting various forms of collaboration in one space.