PAH (Mortgage Victims Platform)

The PAH was born in February 2009 in Barcelona as a citizen’s movement focused on the right to housing. The main aim of the PAH is to denounce the dramatic situation suffered by thousands of families who are unable to pay their mortgages, facing foreclosure processes and evictions. The PAH makes the violence of such processes visible, informs the public about the horrific nature of the perpetual debt which remains after losing your home according to Spanish mortgage law, and demands political solutions from public administrations. The PAH is a political movement (but does not belong to any party) in which both people directly affected and supporters fight together against this problem. We take action in many different fields (political, trials, communicative, emotional, etc.) to further people’s empowerment and to promote legal changes which respond to those who are directly affected, and within a broader framework, we propose solutions to fulfill the right to housing for all citizens. The three basic and urgent demands of the PAH are:
1. The cancelling of the mortgage debt upon handover of the property to the bank
2. The immediately stopping of evictions
3. The transformation of homes in the hands of financial institutions into social rents.
Given the centrality of mortgage debt to the expansion of finance capitalism in Spain, the PAH has come into direct conflict with the banking sector as well as the government, which prioritizes this sector above all others.