The Influencers

The Influencers, Bike Kill Joust

The Influencers is an atypical festival devoted to non-conventional art and communication guerrilla. Since 2004 The Influencers has been an opportunity for extra-disciplinary research, discovery, and debate about inventions and adventures in the troubled waters where information society, everyday technology, and fragments of collective imagination mix and clash with each other. The purpose of the project is to show examples of practical intervention at the intersection of media and collective imagination, such as myth-making, contemporary grassroots adventures, new forms of political activism, digitally networked subcultures. The result is a non-academic, passionate frame to understand and discuss different forms of collective imagination as legitimate – though controversial – ways of questioning the “realism” of ideology, propaganda, participation, and technological fetishism. The Influencers is a project by Bani Brusadin and (Eva and Franco Mattes). The Influencers was formerly known as Digital Is Not Analog (2000–2002).