Eternal Tour

Chapelle Palimpseste, collective wall painting, Espace Le Commun, Geneva, August 2012
Photo © Vlado Alonso

Eternal Tour is an association, which organized a nomadic festival held every year in a different city: Rome 2008; Neuchâtel 2009; Jerusalem and Ramallah 2010; Las Vegas 2011; Geneva and São Paulo 2012. Founded in Geneva in 2007, Eternal Tour brings together academics and artists who address issues such as cosmopolitism, tourism, migration, exile, but also creoleness, feminism, taxonomy, practice-based knowledge, and empirical thought. During each festival, including its preparation, the Eternal Tour team interacts with local partners: encounters, exchanges, reflections, research, and creations characterize this transdisciplinary think-tank. Is our world really globalized? What does cosmopolitanism represent in today’s world? Can we still imagine a Weltbürgerschaft, a world citizenship? What are the boundaries or limits – social or physical, material or imaginary – which fragment our spaces and networks? These were among the issues addressed by Eternal Tourists who position themselves as curious visitors.