Colectivo Etcétera

Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, 2005

Etcétera... Needs no definition... Just imagine what comes after... Etcétera... is the word that shatters language. Etcétera... closes and opens all speech. Etcétera... is in every language. As such, it’s an ally anywhere in the world. Etcétera... is the present. Its members are without number. Etcétera... is singular and plural, feminine and masculine. Etcétera... adds, subtracts, divides, and multiplies. Towards the end of 1997 several artists, most of them around 20 years of age who were just beginning to work in poetry, theater, the visual arts, and music, all began to feel the desire to form a group, to be part of a movement, a movement which would bring them into contact with other social spheres and would bring art to the streets, into the spaces of social conflict, thereby moving these social conflicts into areas where they had been previously silenced (i.e., cultural institutions, the mass media, or the spectacles created by the culture industry). Etcétera... was born as a response to a specific political moment and to the need to forge a generational identity. At the same time it was a reaction against the culture that was being created by neoliberalism, which had risen to power during the 1990s.