Campact organizes campaigns in which people participate in social debates via the Internet. The Campact Newsletter, our main instrument, already connects over 900,000 politically active people. Our goal is to inspire people to actively engage in and shape politics outside of elections. With our campaigns we want to induce politicians to react to what their citizens want. This makes our democracy as a whole stronger. We stand for increased democratic participation of each individual, we demand the introduction of national referendums, and we fight for more transparency, for example, full disclosure of politicians’ outside earnings. Further, we campaign for effective climate policies based on renewable energy, and oppose nuclear power. It is important to us to strengthen the welfare state, and close the gap between the wealthy and the poor. As a nonprofit organization we work impartially and independently. Our work is financed by donors and supporters, who can both support Campact as a whole, or specific activities or campaigns. We present all our sources of funding and expenditure in an annual transparency report. During our local activities and campaigns we are supported by our activists, who are always happy to lend a hand.